Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yeah, that's my cousin

So, I know this won't really come as a surprise to anyone. Considering how freakishly athletic I am it's not really a big deal that my cousin, Marco Sullivan, was in the Olympics.

Actually, it's probably kind of expected. It's hard not to be in the Olympics when you're related to a Francovich. Yeah, I taught him everything he knows about competitive down hill skiing.

Anyways, all that aside, I was in Seattle about a month ago dropping off Emmanuelle. We were saying goodbye, when suddenly, I saw this advertisement, with, yeah you guessed it, Marco Sullivan on it.

Apparently he loves to ski and drink Budweiser...

If I was 21 I would have an opinion about Budweiser, but, being 20 I barely know what it is.


Melissa Francovich said...

Yup. We Francovich's are pretty damned talented aren't we? You, being the writer, Leo, being the musician (like my father) Marco being super athletic, Chelsea, athletic and a damned fine skier in her own right, and I was an actress for a while. Whatever we do, we do it hard and with passion. :c)
Just be glad you don't have a weird body system like we older ones do. That sucks. Great Blogs Eli!!

Heidi said...

BAHAHAHA! Love it!