Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mental Preperation

Well hey, writing again. Obviously I haven't written in a while. This summer I worked at a YMCA summer camp. I was there 10 weeks. Quickly let me back up, the overarching purpose of this blog is to document my upcoming travels in India/Holland/Thailand/Asia/?. However I believe that it is also very important for me to simply write. So, my point in bringing this up is that I will be referring to my trip or some other permutation of that phrase, and I wouldn't want my readers (dare I hope there are any?) to be confused. So, I will continue.
Like I said I spent 10 weeks at camp, living with other people my age, not showering much, not having alone time, not having quite, not eating how I like to eat while taking care of children. (I loved every minute of it) The experience, although it was simply a summer camp, really helped prepare me for what I imagine my trip to be. My mother and I will be traveling in close proximity to hordes of other people we don't know. We won't be eating what we like. We won't be given many opportunities for quite. Somehow I doubt we will be taking care of children, but you never know.
So the point of all of this is more of an acknowledgment of how you can learn from unlikely sources. Going into the summer I never would have expected to learn about traveling by going to a summer camp.
As for the actual traveling, things are beinginning to pick up in terms of planning. While we are sill fairly unsure about the specifics of the trip the broader strokes are being filled in. We will leave in December, and most likely confine are traveling to Southern India, so as to not cram as much in.
Anyways I'm leaving to hang out with my friends from High School they're all leaving soon. Write more at some point.

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